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        1. Development History


          • December 2, Jiangxi Dianhua Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded with registered capital of ¥17 million.


          • August 28, the registered capital was increased to ¥37 million.

          • 2006

          • March 27, the company started business with Hong Kong New World and introduced foreign shareholder LEGAND VIEW INVESTMENT LIMITED. The registered capital was changed to ¥54.02 million.

          • October, the company acquired assets of Dianhua Gaoke Chlor-alkali and thionyl chloride production line.

          • 2007

          • June 28, the company introduced shareholder "Shenzhen Zhiyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd." and the registered capital was changed to ¥58.72 million.

          • 2008

          • March 20, the company was renamed "Jiangxi Selon Industrial Co., Ltd." and the registered capital was increased to ¥75 million.

          • 2010

          • September, The company merged related assets of the thermoelectric business Dianhua Gaoke and Dalong Industrial.

          • In December 30, it introduced new shareholder "Leping New Shijia Investment Center" and the registered capital was increased to ¥90 million.


          • In 2012 and 2015, the company was rated as "high-tech enterprise of Jiangxi" and "science and technology innovation demonstration enterprises of China 's petrochemical industry"

          • 2011

          • In 2014, the company selected as director of China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association AC Foam Agent Committee.


          • March 19, the company officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed on the small board. The abbreviation of security is "Selon Industrial" and stock code is "002748", general capital is ¥120 million.

          AC Marketing: +86-798-6806866 6806888(Foreign Trade)    Thionyl Chloride Marketing: +86-798-6806468    Chlor-alkali Marketing:+86-798-6806469    Dimethylol Propionic Acid/Dimethylol Butanoic Acid:+86-798-6806178

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