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        1. News

          About us

          Jiangxi Selon Industrial Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded limited liability company that was founded in December 2003, with the approval of Ministry of Commerce, with total assets of ¥1.06 billion (Shilong Industrial, stock code is 002748). It is a national and municipal high-tech enterprise that engages ...

          Chemical production

          The company has mastered the improved AC blowing agent...
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          Heat & power cogeneration

          Shilong Industrial has a self-contained thermal power plant...
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          Logistics transportation

          The company has the Ministry of Transport, with coal transport...
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          Video Center

          AC Marketing: +86-798-6806866 6806888(Foreign Trade)    Thionyl Chloride Marketing: +86-798-6806468    Chlor-alkali Marketing:+86-798-6806469    Dimethylol Propionic Acid/Dimethylol Butanoic Acid:+86-798-6806178

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